Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya is the Dentalidea Chief Executive Officer and this company is located in Castellón de la Plana, Spain. The mission of this company is offer dental existing products on the odontologic market with a new design based on the clinical experience of the doctor and his scientific path, in order that the odontologists improve the quality in the daily practice and could offer a major comfort to the patients.

The vision is to be a recognized company, as leader in the design and distribution of useful improved dental products, on the part of our consumers, suppliers and the groups of interest related to the company.

Dentalidea is born as result of the need of offering the maximum quality in the photographies that the Dr. Rojas-Vizcaya uses for publications in the indexed journals.

After the capture of photographies, the doctor had to dedicate time to editing for improve the quality of photographies.

For this, the opportune studies realized to design mirrors, retractors and contrasts that will improve the final result, with a major field of vision, and that were adjusting more to the mouth of the patient to obtain major comfort.

After these products, Dentalidea increased its line of products, all of them destined to achieving that the odontologists could offer a major quality in their daily practice, reducing times and offering major well-being to the patients.

For what Dentalidea?

We believe every product to improve his daily


It allows us to evolve, improve and confront challenges to go always a step ahead.


We want to mark the difference in everything what we do, for it our products surprise for its originality and innovation.

Quality: Search of the excellence

Improvement continues towards the excellence as a form of work.

Commitment with the client

Personal relations based on the confidence and on the mutual respect.


Our products adapt to the conditions that our target needs.


The purpose is to obtain the maximum well-being in the dental clinics, both for the odontologists and for the patients.